Wedding Invitation Sets

Black & Floral Wedding Invitation Set

So I have finally, (yeah, I know, I’m slack), fixed this website and added a few new products!

I’ve added 3 new Wedding Invitation Sets to the shop. If you have visited my Etsy shop you might have seen the two Gothic sets available there. But these ones are not Gothic in style and I decided if I make anymore sets to put them here instead of in the Etsy shop because it’s not really meant to be for them.

I’m not 100% sure I’m doing it right when I make these sets to be honest. I just thought I’d have a go. So if I’ve got anything wrong, please let me know! I know I need to make more promo picture for them, but I’m distracted baby sitting this little tyke at the moment!

He’s my daughter’s wee puppy and I look after him while she works 3 days a week. He is only a few weeks old and much too young to leave on his own. Isn’t he adorable? I’ll make more pictures for the shop soon….

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